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A little bit about myself...

Nicki Bested - Owner of Premier Home Tours
Lives & works in Windsor, Ontario


  My name is Nicki Bested and I would love to start off by telling you that ever since I was 6 years old and picked up a camera that I knew I wanted to be a photographer.  It was a lifelong dream of mine to do photography... but if I did tell you that, it wouldn't be the truth.  I actually had never even considered being a photographer until less than a year ago.  My sister had mentioned going into real estate photography for the last couple of years and I just brushed it off.  I have always loved taking pictures but never really thought of it as a career.

            What I can tell you about myself is that I've always been extremely creative.  I went to a high school with an arts program and took dance and drama.  I have been drawing since I was little and still enjoy colouring with my kids (sad but true).  I actually have always been obsessed with design and architecture.  As a little kid (like 8 or 9 years old) for fun I would sit there and draw house designs on a grid paper and this continued until I was an adult.  I attended the interior design program at a local college and did extremely well but discontinued in the program.  I am a "certified" home stager and took some courses in Interior Decorating as well.  Another favourite past time for the last 10 years is looking on MLS at houses that I have no intention of buying.  I still do this all the time (once again a little lame) but I actually love looking at houses.  So really, as you can see, I'm totally meant to be a real estate photographer.  It actually fits really well for me...I get to use my design skills to stage the homes, use my creativity to capture the room at just the right angle and edit to perfection and I get my "fix" to look at houses and make a career out of it!  I have finally found my calling!



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Contact #:  519-984-1333

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