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Are you an investor that loves the idea of profiting from the booming Airbnb industry, but doesn't want the hassle of running an Airbnb? Then look no further! We are here to maximize the potential profit of your property with short-term rentals.  We are here to manage customers so that the process is hassle-free for you! We take pride in any of the properties we manage so we are very detail oriented and specific about the properties we choose to take on and manage. We do the research and make sure the property is set up with all the details that customers care about to keep them coming back time and time again. 

What we offer:

Set up and Style 

Before your property is officially listed on Airbnb we go in and do a consult to see the situation of the property.  With a background in interior design, we want to give your property something special that will stand out against all the other short-term rentals.  If this is something that interests you then we will discuss the budget to make some simple design upgrades. We intend to make sure your property will wow customers to keep them coming back time and time again.  We want your property booked up as much as possible all your round (not just during peak seasons) so that you can maximize your potential earnings on the property. As an avid traveler, I think of all the little details that customers notice and make your property memorable.   

Outsource Trades

One of the most important people that will be a part of your Airbnb business will be the cleaner. To make sure we get "Super Host" status the property must be spotless anytime a guest arrives. We will interview and hire the best in the area to ensure your property is always spic and span. We also have relationships with different tradespeople in case of any emergencies that may arise. This is our job to be in communication and deal with them if need be. 

Pricing Strategy

It is our job to research the area and price accordingly so that your property is booked as much as possible (even during the off-season). We have software programs that we use to make sure your property is priced to sell out the majority of the year so you can profit as much as possible. Your win is our win!

Photography & Marketing

Having been a real estate photographer since 2016 I'm an expert a making sure your property is photographed and looks its absolute best in photos. We want to draw potential customers in with professional photos. This is all part of our management package. I link any properties I manage on my website, and Instagram page to get your property out in the public eye to engage as many people as possible on as many platforms as possible. Marketing the property looking its absolute best is so important to maximize profit.  

Customer Care

It is our job to run and operate your Airbnb website and deal with all customer inquiries and questions.  We strive to respond in a timely and friendly manner.  This is very important to receive "Super Host" status.  We must check customers in and make sure they are happy when they arrive.  We make sure they have all the information they need about the home and the surrounding area so that they can enjoy their stay.  

We are a full-service Airbnb short-term rental management company.  From interior design, styling, set up, management, and customer care!  We are here to ensure your short-term rental runs smoothly so you can enjoy all the benefits Airbnb has to offer profit-wise, without the hassle of operating one.  

We are serving:

Windsor, Essex County Ontario

Muskoka Region, Ontario

Vancouver and Surrounding Area, British Columbia

airbnb bowen island, british columbia short term rental management
Airbnb roberts creek, british columbia - short term rental management
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