Home Staging

Are you worried that once you get an offer, it won't be for top dollar?


We can help!  Make sure your home sells quickly and for top dollar with Home Staging!


So what is home staging anyways? 


Home staging is preparing your home for sale by making it appeal to as many potential buyers as possible.  We use our design skills and home staging knowledge to provide you with a very thorough opinion of what needs to be done before you put your house up for sale.  We are the buyer's eye before you put your house on the market.  We are very critical of what the buyers expect and want to see in a move-in ready home.  By using our simple steps we can turn your home into a model home, allowing you to make the highest profit once it sells.   It's a simple process (and we have affordable options).


Home Staging Consultation  


We walk through the owner's house room by room for up to 2 hours (approx.) and provide a complete checklist to the owner of everything that needs to be done before the house can be listed. We even provide a room measurements and furniture layouts that may make the room's function better (if needed), and colour recommendations may be given as well.  This is a very thorough walkthrough and we critique everything that could be a possible deal-breaker to potential buyers.  


                      COST             $125


Prices vary depending on the size of the job.  Consultation is required for an accurate quote.  

CONTACT: 519-984-1333



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