5 Tips For Taking Professional Pictures When Selling Your Home

If hiring a professional real estate photographer isn't an option for you and you have decided to list your home try these useful tips so you can take the best and most professional looking photos as possible. The first impression people see of your home are the photos placed on the internet or other marketing media. Marketing your home is an important step in selling your home. Make sure it's done right the first time!

1) It's All About The Angle

You want to make sure you give the buyer the biggest and best view of the room. Without the help of a wide angle lens a room can seem and appear extremely small if the picture is taken with a regular camera. To give the best view try to take the picture from the corner of the room to capture as much of the room as possible. Also shooting on an angle will give the room a little more depth.

2) Don't Take The Picture From Eye Level

Most professionals when setting up their tripod to take a photo have the camera set up about 4.5-5 feet off the ground, not eye level. You don't want to give the buyer a birds eye view if you are really tall. It can make the room look small and awkward. Try shooting the picture at around 4.5-5 feet off the ground.

3) Use Natural Daylight

Try to use as much natural daylight as possible. If there is too much light causing a glare or spots on your picture, you can close the curtains a bit if necessary. If you are a little camera savvy then play with the exposure button on top of the camera to give you different pictures with different lighting, and make sure the ISO is at 100 or 200 or else your picture will be fuzzy once on the computer. Good lighting will make a big difference in the quality of pictures.

4) Turn On The Lights

When taking the picture make sure all ceiling lights, lamps, wall sconces, etc. are turned on for the pictures. It gives the picture a nice ambiance and will help with lighting the picture up as well.

5) Edit The Pictures

Most cameras when you buy them come with some kind of photo editor software program. Upload the pictures to your computer and take 10 minutes to edit them. Play with the lighting (exposure), crop if needed, etc. Just play with the pictures a bit to see if you can edit them so they can look better online. A picture is worth a thousands words so make sure your pictures look perfect! Some real estate photographers can even edit the photos for you at a cheaper price then actually coming to do the photo shoot. This might be a great inexpensive option to choose!

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