4 Major Benefits of Virtual Home Staging

What is Virtual Home Staging? By definition, "Home Staging is the act of

preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate market place. The goal of staging

is to make a home appealing to the highest number of potential buyers." Virtual Home

Staging brings home staging to the virtual world! That's right...the world has gone virtual

and so have we. Virtual Home Staging is the final step in preparing the home to sell. Once the home is de-cluttered, de-personalized, and cleaned, then it comes time to do the finishing touches.

You need to stage the furniture and decor in the home to make it stand out from other

properties, and make it look like a model home. If you're a builder, property manager,

house flipper, then virtual home staging is a great option. You can use Virtual Home

Staging to paint the picture for potential buyers of what their life would look like in a

property. Home staging has many benefits when selling a property, but Virtual Home

Staging has it's own benefits as well. Here are 4 benefits of hiring a virtual home staging company to help market and sell your properties.

#1) Internet & Media Photos Will Look Better

When you stage a property, you're helping the buyer visualize what their lifestyle

will be like in your home. If you are a home builder, real estate agent, home seller,

property manager, or house flipper, staging a property whether virtually or not, will

always make the photos you use look more appealing to potential buyers. With the proper

furniture virtually placed in photos, you can help buyers see the lifestyle you are selling

them. Buyers tend to buy on an emotional feeling they have, you can paint that picture

for them before they even make an appointment to see the home. 95% of buyers preview

homes online before seeing the property in person. By virtually staging a property, you

can drive more potential buyers to want to see your property.

#2) Virtual Home Staging Is Low Cost

If you decide to go all out and stage a whole vacant property, I'm definitely all for

that. But to rent or buy furniture to stage a property can cost thousands. Don't get me

wrong...I definitely see all the benefits of fully furnishing a home to stage the property,

but if you don't have the budget to do that, then virtually staging a property is a great

alternative. Virtually staging a whole property can cost as little as a few hundred dollars.

You can still help the buyers visualize their own furnishings in the property without the

big price tag.

#3) Your Property Will Stand Out

Many builders and property renters may not have it in their budget to furnish a

model home or apartment every time the property needs to be re-listed. By virtually

staging a home, they have those pictures on file any time they need them. Your listings

will stand out in the media when they are virtually staged compared to other vacant

properties. It gives you a step up against competitors and shows potential buyers the

quality your company offers, and that you go above and beyond other competitors. This

is also a great way to show what type of clientele you are trying to bring to your property.

If you're in an area and that is trying to attract students, then we would virtually stage a

property appealing to a younger crowd. If you are a premier home builder trying to

attract a potential buyer that is looking for a more luxurious lifestyle, than you would

virtually stage the property in more luxurious furniture. It just really shows potential

buyers what you have to offer, and who your trying to offer it to.

#4) Out With The Old, And In With The New (Furniture...That Is!)

Many real estate agents have listings of homes where the bones of the house are

great, but it definitely needs some updating. The sellers may not be able to afford to

renovate a house just to sell it, but some simple updating of furniture could help make the

house appeal to more buyers. If you are trying to sell a house that could be in a great

area, and everything about the house is great, but the furniture is stuck in the 80's making

the listing look tired and unappealing, then virtual furniture replacement could be your

answer. If you have old outdated furniture it can actually be taken out of the picture, then

new updated furniture can be virtually placed back in the photo. Voila...you have an a

great house that looks a little more updated with virtual furniture replacement, without the



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