6 Design Trends of 2016 That Are Making An Appearance

Photo Credit - New York Spaces Magazine

The design and fashion world are always changing, and new trends make an appearance all of the time. People are renovating more often now, compared to back in the day when people used to have the same kitchen for 30 years. Here are some design trends making their way into the design world in 2016, and possibly into your homes.

1) Bidets

Yes bidets are making their way over from Europe to North America! There is a new type of bidet that serves as a toilet and a bidet in one, and this is slowly becoming more popular. There isn't anything wrong with a little more cleanliness in that area!

2) "Barely there kitchens"

As open concept kitchen have become a must have for most homeowners, spatial identifiers like walls of cabinetry and full-size appliances have drifted away. According to Houzz, a more airy feeling with open shelving, raw materials, and hidden storage have taken over and the barely there kitchen are becoming a thing!

3) Sunrooms

Some homeowners may not have a way of actually adding a sunroom to their home, but people are finding ways to create some sort of sunroom area. Having a reading area with lots of windows to sit back an unwind in... is a must! I mean, who doesn't like a lot of natural light flowing in their house, and a nice dedicated room to relax in?

4) Fireplaces instead of technology

Fireplaces are making more of a comeback as wall features, instead of big screen televisions. Technology- free living rooms are becoming a must have for families to enjoy family time. Why not enjoy the ambiance of a fireplace with family, instead of the noise of the television.

5) Black stainless steel

Stainless steel has trended for a little while now, but black stainless steel is catching homeowner's eyes. It definitely has a nice look to it, with its satin-smooth finish. It can give your kitchen a whole new update and desirable look people will be "awing" over.

6) Deep kitchen drawers

Pots and pans don't necessarily have to be put in cupboards. People renovating their kitchens are putting in deep kitchen drawers for large pots. This allows you to reach for those pots way easier than if they are in a cupboard.

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