Benefits of Using Drone for Real Estate

This aerial view of the property really captures the size of the home and property.

The first place potential buyers look for a home is on the internet. Real Estate Agents are looking for any way possible to bring as much attention to their listings. According to the National Association of Realtors in 2016 a survey was conducted with some of the nation's realtors, and 20% of realtors not using drones yet, plan to in the future. More than 90% of people looking to buy a home start with a search on the internet for photos and videos of homes, so you need something that will catch the buyer's eye and stand out against other listings. Here are some benefits of why Realtors should invest in hiring a professional to capture an aerial view of the property with a drone.

1) A bird's eye view of the property

Sometimes taking photos and videos on the ground just won’t do the property any justice. It’s great to have landscaping in your front yard and around the home but sometimes that won’t allow potential buyers to see how large the home is, and what the property size is when looking at a photo. By using an aerial drone you can capture the home in a completely different way than on the ground photos. You can capture the whole house and the property so viewers can see just how big the house is in comparison to the property. It just gives buyers what their looking for and not a guessing game when it comes to the size of the home.

2) Show what the property really has to offer

Not only will drone photos show how big the house is in comparison to the property, but it can also show all the features that the property has to offer. Is there a water view, lake view, mountain view? Yes you can always take on the ground photos of these things, but imagine being able to show buyers just how close the view is to the home. Show buyers what they can see right outside their back window, or what they can walk and see just steps out of their backdoor. It gives buyers a whole new perspective on what the property has to offer. Not only will drone photos show how big the house is in comparison to the property, but it can also show all the features that the property has to offer.

3) Aerial photography is affordable

If you can find a photographer that offers drone photography as well as real estate photography, there is a good chance they will have a package deal on both services. If you combine both real estate photography with the drone photography, your listings will look high end and entice buyers to come check out the property, ending with a quick sale and happy sellers. This could all cost less than $300 to satisfy the needs of sellers and buyers (and in the end making you look like the experienced, knowledgeable, amazing Realtor that you are!)

4) Drones aren’t just for luxury listings anymore

When drones first started coming in to the real estate world they were mostly used to show off luxurious listings that deserved that something special to stand out. But that is a thing of the past...more and more real estate agents are using drones just to showcase any property that has something special to offer...whether it has lots of land, water view, lake view, maybe even a pond view. Maybe there is a property that has a backyard retreat that can be shown better with an aerial view. The house doesn’t need to be a million dollar listing to use aerial and video shots. It can be a nice house with a great property, that now shows as a higher end listing on the internet because you hired a professional drone service.

5) Show off the neighborhood

If your sellers live in a neighborhood that is in demand, show potential buyers why. Show the neighborhood and all of it’s amenities. Maybe the tree lined streets are what buyers are looking for, or maybe it’s a neighborhood with a park close by. Maybe buyers would love a country setting where there aren’t any close neighbors...whatever the case may be, show buyers what they are looking for. Get buyers excited to come see the property and all of it’s amenities close by.

6) Sellers will demand it

As drone photography and videos become more popular, sellers are going to demand that there listing be marketed with a drone. Sellers are going to want their property to stand out against competition, or at least stand with the competition if that's what the competition is using. Make sure you are doing everything that you can to market the property as best as possible, because in the end it will save you and the homeowners time and money the faster the home sells.

This photo of the front of the home (although nice) doesn't really capture the size of the home or the size of property.

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