10 Inexpensive Home Decorating Accent Ideas

1) A Little Lighting Goes a Long Way

Ceiling lights, lamps, floor lamps... So many to choose from, and it is one of my new favorite things to update in my home. Lighting fixtures can cost a lot of money, but if you keep your eye out for a great deal on lighting, it can change the whole ambiance in the room for under $100. Adding a new light fixture in the bedroom, or dining room can really affect the design of the room. It is a great way to change the design of the room easily and with very little hassle.

This beautiful lighting fixture creates ambiance in this beautiful dining room.

2) Express Yourself with a New Wall Color

My mom used to change the wall colors in our house on a monthly basis. No joke she would pick a room almost each month and change the color. I used to think she was nuts, but it’s a great way to get a new feel for the room without spending a lot of money. Changing the wall color can give the room a completely different feel and design. Make sure you have some accents to tie the new paint color in with your old furniture... Or maybe this is an excuse to get new furniture as well. A couple gallons of paint will run you less than $75.


3) Throw Your Old Pillows Out

Throw pillows are a great way to show a little personality and character in your room and home. They are extremely easy to get rid of once the style is outdated and can be extremely inexpensive. My favourite thing to do with pillows is tie the main color of the room in with my accent colors. I usually get a couple of pillows that are a solid accent colors, and a few that have all the colors of my room, and mix and match together. You can find nice looking throw pillows for as little as $20/pillow.

Some updated throw pillows and canvas painting bring this neutral bedroom to life.

4) Where Art Thou Canvas Paintings

Canvas paintings can add a lot of drama or character to your room. There are so many websites that have different varieties and styles of painted canvases at a discounted price. This could also help tie in a certain design style or color theme in your room. If you want to get really creative and do something budget friendly go to your local craft store and buy a canvas and some paint and create your own painting. This is a great idea to create something personal to you and geared to your home's design. Depending on the size of the painting you would need they could cost anywhere from $30-$200 and up.

5) Bring the Outside In

Adding some greenery to your home can really bring the outside in. If you’re not good at keeping live plants alive...have no fear they make pretty real looking faux plants. I always love adding a floral centerpiece to my kitchen table or to my office desk. It’s a great way to bring some color in a neutral room. A vase of flowers could cost as little as $20.

6) Add Drama with Tile

Have outdated tile in your kitchen or bathroom, or is it just plain boring? Whatever the case, there are so many backsplashes and tiles to choose from. If you're a little handy or a good learner it is a pretty easy task. Keep an eye out for some good deals on tiles that you like. There are so many different styles, patterns, and textures that can transform the kitchen or bathroom and give it a new look. Try placing the tiles vertically instead of horizontally for a unique look. Try adding darker grout to the tiles instead of the typical grout color. There are so many different options now, that this is a great way to change a boring look into something that draws attention. Obviously tile costs can add up depending on the quality of tile, but you could tile a backsplash or shower for $200.

This wood looking ceramic tile adds a little drama to this neutral bathroom.


7) Get Creative and Make Your Own Art

Go through some old magazines and find different pictures that you like and frame them. If you have some leftover fabric try cutting out a piece and framing that or wrapping it around a piece of canvas with hot glue. You could also even paint yourself a picture that has all the colors in your room. There are so many different ways to create your own personal accent pieces for the home. Creating your own art can cost as little as $20.

I created my own personal art with black canvas and some paint.

8) So Many Uses for Mason Jars

When you’re done with that pasta sauce save the jar and turn it into a useful piece of art, or some extra storage. I have now used old mason jars as a pen holder, vase, or container for the bathroom. I washed it out, used a little spray paint and...Voila...a very inexpensive, useful accent for your home. Spray paint can cost $5, and a mason jar you could get for free from used pasta sauce.

I spray painted a mason jar to use as a pen holder.


9) Accent Walls that Catch the Eye

There are so many different ideas that you can do for an eye catching accent wall. Wallpaper isn’t the cheapest idea if you have a large wall to cover, but it definitely makes a big statement. There are so many different patterns that will add texture to a room and draw the eye to a focal point. A new big thing in the design world is using old pieces of wood and nailing them to the wall for a rustic look. This is a definite trend that I absolutely love seeing in people's homes. Exposed brick is another way to create an accent wall, giving it a very urban feel. Prices will vary a lot depending on which type of accent wall you are choosing to do.

This exposed brick is a great accent feature to make the bed a focal point.

10) Who Knew Knobs Could Be So Much Fun

Hardware for cupboards and dresser drawers is a very easy and inexpensive way to give a piece of furniture a completely different look. If you add some nice knobs on a cheap dresser, it can completely transform the look of the dresser. This is something anyone can do at very little cost. Hardware for drawers and cupboards could cost anywhere from $1-$5/piece.

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